Shane Parmely
for State Assembly

Shane Parmely
for State Assembly

Meet Shane

Shane Suzanne Parmely
Shane Suzanne Parmely is a teacher at Bell Middle School in Paradise Hills and is the National Education Association boardmember for San Diego County.  She lives in Bonita with her 3 kids.


Shane Parmely was born in La Mesa and moved from San Carlos to Carlsbad as a young child. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University she returned to live in the City of San Diego where she started her family, became a teacher, and earned her Masters from the University of San Diego. With help from her family, she was able to buy her grandparents’ aging home in Bonita where she has raised a step-daughter, daughter, child, and a son. She and her family reside on the property with a few other families with various badly behaved cats and dogs. She enjoys starting gardening projects but isn’t very good at finishing them.

Experience on the frontlines

Shane Suzanne Parmely is a 20-year classroom teacher on the frontlines of the pandemic and the fight for progressive change. 

Shane sees the inequality and disruption unleashed by COVID everyday and knows Sacramento must start doing things differently – now.


A track record of working for us

Shane won’t take a dime from corporate PACs.  She’ll fight for what families need: a safe schools reopening plan that actually works; healthcare for Calfornians who’ve lost work-based insurance; and faster vaccine distribution based on public health, not privilege.

When coronavirus hit, Shane went from teaching class to tackling crisis, ensuring every student could access distance learning while organizing the distribution of over 200,000 pounds of nutritious food to families this past year.

Shane’s devotion to kids and social justice runs deep.  She co-designed the pioneering ACCESS college prep program for at-risk students at Garfield High School. After El Cajon banned food distributions for the homeless, Shane fought to overturn their heartless law – and won.  


Independent & Unbought

We need leaders unafraid to meet big challenges with big steps, not another career politician catering to big donors.  That’s Shane – progressive leader, mother, and 3rd generation San Diegan dedicated to making California work for all the people, not just the powerful.

Shane’s commitment: follow science to defeat COVID, start righting the wrongs it’s exposed. Expand paid family leave, strengthen seniors’ safety net, pay essential workers fairly, lead on racial and climate justice, and fully fund our public schools.

“Shane is the type of person you want in politics. They walk the walk, they talk the talk. In the six years that I’ve known Shane, they have opened up their home so many times, I cannot even tell you, to anyone who needed it. They constantly work to clothe, feed, and house people in our community that need it.” — Kelsy Zeran

“Shane’s not just creative in her approaches, she’s innovative… Shane sees what the situation is, devises a strategy, and then makes it happen and that’s what we need right now: people who will make it happen. The day of the photo-op leader is done, folx. We need people who don’t just look good in front of the camera or just say the right things, we need folx who are actively out in the community, making change, making a way, making a difference. That person is Shane Parmely.”      

— Stacy Dyson

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National Leader

In 2020, Shane was elected to be the National Education Association Director for San Diego, advocating for our children and high-quality public education at the national level.

Community Organizer

When El Cajon enacted a discriminatory law in 2017 that targeted the city's most vulnerable, Shane helped organize community members to stand up against this government overreach.

Award-winning Humanitarian

Shane's tireless work to support vulnerable immigrant families has earned her recognition from the California Teachers Association.

Advocate for Accountability in Public Education

As a parent, teacher, and organizer, Shane refuses to accept a system of unfunded mandates and bureaucratic excuses.

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