Shane Parmely
for State Assembly

Shane Parmely
for State Assembly


Shane Suzanne Parmely has 8 years of experience analyzing the state’s budget and legislation as an elected delegate to the California Teachers Association State Council. Through her work on the Political Involvement Committee she has fought for affordable housing, criminal justice reform, full funding for public schools, and to address inequities that limit opportunities and produce disparate outcomes for our BIPOC communities. She previously served on the Credentialing and Professional Development Committee and Student Support Services Committee where she fought to maintain the integrity of specialized credentials / certifications in order to prevent degrading the quality of support services provided to students at school. She also supported efforts to fight for bills supporting environmental justice and to divest CalSTRS from private prisons.

Shane has spent the past decade following the state budget because about 40% of the State’s General Fund goes toward public education. Shane understands the importance of bringing in additional revenue and that this money must come from billionaires and multinational corporations, not working people already struggling to survive. California is the 5th largest economy in the world and our state needs to recapture a larger portion of the wealth currently being extracted and invest that money in our communities and neighbors.

Shane has written resolutions that the County and State Democratic Party adopted to address issues such as unequal enforcement of the law, inequity in healthcare access for trans youth, and increasing availability of COVID hotel rooms to qualified high-risk unsheltered people.

Shane is ready to write legislation that will improve the quality of life and opportunities available to our communities. Shane is ready to critically evaluate proposed legislation through an equity lens in order to amend it before it’s finalized. Shane has a decade-long track record of getting work done and is now ready to fight for our communities in Sacramento.

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Shane Parmely is endorsed by:

Shane Suzanne Parmely

Leadership & Affiliations

San Diego County Sweetwater Community Planning Advisory, Board Member

California Teachers Association, Political Involvement Committee, State Legislation Sub-committee

National Education Association, Director for San Diego County

CTA San Diego Service Center, Vice Chair, recent past Chair of the Political Action Committee

San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council, SDEA Delegate

Coalition of Labor Union Women, Corresponding Secretary

San Diego Democratic Party Central Committee, Associate Member

California Democratic Party, State Central Committee and Executive Board Member

Minority Humanitarian Foundation, Board Member

CTA LGBTQ+ Caucus Guy DeRosa Safety in Schools Grant & Scholarship Committee, Member

San Diego County Democratic Clubs Involvement:

We The People Democratic Club, Recent past President and co-founder

San Diego Democrats for Equality, Recent past At-Large Board Member

“Shane is the type of person you want in politics. They walk the walk, they talk the talk. In the six years that I’ve known Shane, they have opened up their home so many times, I cannot even tell you, to anyone who needed it. They constantly work to clothe, feed, and house people in our community that need it.” — Kelsy Zeran

“Shane’s not just creative in her approaches, she’s innovative… Shane sees what the situation is, devises a strategy, and then makes it happen and that’s what we need right now: people who will make it happen. The day of the photo-op leader is done, folx. We need people who don’t just look good in front of the camera or just say the right things, we need folx who are actively out in the community, making change, making a way, making a difference. That person is Shane Parmely.”      

— Stacy Dyson

National Leader

In 2020, Shane was elected to be the National Education Association Director for San Diego, advocating for our children and high-quality public education at the national level.

Community Organizer

When El Cajon enacted a discriminatory law in 2017 that targeted the city's most vulnerable, Shane helped organize community members to stand up against this government overreach.

Award-winning Humanitarian

Shane's tireless work to support vulnerable immigrant families has earned her recognition from the California Teachers Association.

Advocate for Accountability in Public Education

As a parent, teacher, and organizer, Shane refuses to accept a system of unfunded mandates and bureaucratic excuses.

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