Shane Parmely
for State Assembly

Shane Parmely
for State Assembly

COVID Reopening Plan

Shane Suzanne Parmely

“COVID Doesn’t Care About Politics”

I was born and raised in a conservative Republican family. We went to church on Sunday and then all my cousins, aunts, and uncles would gather at my grandparents’ house or we’d go out to breakfast to have family time with each other. While we may have argued over politics at Thanksgiving before COVID, this past year we have ALL AGREED to stay home, wear a mask, wash our hands, and be patient. While I was thrilled to see my parents get their vaccine last month, it came with a twinge of guilt at the thought of how many of my friends have lost a parent or loved one this past year, or who are now living with permanent health problems caused by COVID. As the United States rapidly surpasses 500,000 deaths from COVID-19, I promise to work for legislation that will prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our family, friends, and neighbors.

— Shane Suzanne Parmely

Relief For Small Businesses And Workers

Wall Street vs. Main Street

Our independently owned and operated small businesses need relief. Amazon, WalMart, and Target have seen an explosion in sales while our family-run businesses are struggling to survive. The pandemic has increased the number of billionaires in California. I will fight for financial relief.

Prioritize People Over Profits

Our plan to reopen businesses needs to be guided by science and center our neighbors who have been most devastated by COVID.  In Sacramento, I will fight for a reopening plan that will keep my family, friends, and neighbors safe.  Reopening should not be decided by the whims of politicians reacting to the demands of their wealthy campaign donors. 

Unemployment Insurance for ALL Workers Impacted by COVID

ALL workers who were paying taxes and contributing to our economy need to qualify for full unemployment benefits.  Unemployment needs to be extended.  Sacramento has a responsibility and obligation to provide a secure and stable source of income to see our unemployed neighbors through this crisis.

Shane Supports a Safe Pathway to Bringing Students Back to Schools

⦿ Vaccinations must be available to all school staff required to report in-person

⦿ Mitigations such as testing, PPE, hygiene, distancing, masks, and ventilation are essential.

⦿ Purple Tier is not safe.

When Will San Diego County Be In Red Tier?


New cases (per 100,000) per day to move from purple tier to red tier


New cases (per 100,000) per day in San Diego County on Feb. 9


The last month that San Diego County was in the red tier (<7 new cases per day, per 100,000)

Three Pillars for a Safe Reopening

1. Vaccines

All employees must have the opportunity to complete the full vaccination cycle (first and second doses, and peak immunity).

2. Safety Mitigations

Including: testing, proper ventilation, masks, full & proper PPE, hand sanitizing supplies and stations, reducing occupant capacity of rooms, and more.

3. Case Rates / Tier Status

Lower case rates in our communities is essential to safely reopening. San Diego needs to be in the red tier or better.


Cases must decrease substantially.

It is not safe to re-open school buildings while still in the purple tier.

Cases are decreasing and heading in the right direction, for now.

Cases are heading in the right direction as the dominant COVID-19 strain decreases but that is likely to change due to new B.1.1.7 variant.

Within 6 weeks cases may surge again.

Modeling shows that even if there is amped up vaccination, due to reopening of businesses and the new B.1.1.7 variant, at about the beginning of April case rates could be more than twice as high as they are today.

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“Shane is the type of person you want in politics. They walk the walk, they talk the talk. In the six years that I’ve known Shane, they have opened up their home so many times, I cannot even tell you, to anyone who needed it. They constantly work to clothe, feed, and house people in our community that need it.” — Kelsy Zeran

“Shane’s not just creative in her approaches, she’s innovative… Shane sees what the situation is, devises a strategy, and then makes it happen and that’s what we need right now: people who will make it happen. The day of the photo-op leader is done, folx. We need people who don’t just look good in front of the camera or just say the right things, we need folx who are actively out in the community, making change, making a way, making a difference. That person is Shane Parmely.”      

— Stacy Dyson

National Leader

In 2020, Shane was elected to be the National Education Association Director for San Diego, advocating for our children and high-quality public education at the national level.

Community Organizer

When El Cajon enacted a discriminatory law in 2017 that targeted the city's most vulnerable, Shane helped organize community members to stand up against this government overreach.

Award-winning Humanitarian

Shane's tireless work to support vulnerable immigrant families has earned her recognition from the California Teachers Association.

Advocate for Accountability in Public Education

As a parent, teacher, and organizer, Shane refuses to accept a system of unfunded mandates and bureaucratic excuses.

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